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CNM TECH is a precision custom plastic injection mold/molding, silicone molding manufacturing company in China, we started to offer plastic injection tool and die-making first in 2005 to provide a manufacturing service to the local industry.
We have since become an industry leader in our area, providing high-quality injection molds, plastic molding parts, silicone and rubber molding parts, and value-added services to national and international customers alike. 
Located in Dongguan City, China, in a modern manufacturing city in China, we have 75 workers and operate 18 injection molding machines ranging from 60 to 1800 tonnes (<1.0g to 8 kg shot capacity)

CNM TECH is a well-established company with its origin dating back to 2005. CNM TECH plastic mold company has professional service in the electronics industry, home appliances industry, medial industry, automotive industry, garden industry, food packaging industry, cosmetics packaging industry, pipe connector industry, electric connector industry, and so on.
At the first beginning, CNM was offering mold manufacturing for the overseas customers, since 2016, sincere tech inverted injection molding machines to provide molds and molding production service for the overseas customer,

Our priority is to provide our customers with quality, service, and competitive pricing. as a professional injection molder and tooling building company has always maintained the philosophy that “Your own success in business is based on your customer’s satisfaction.”

In today’s global economy, CNM TECH customers are no longer confined to one country. We ship worldwide to many countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Lithuania, and Finland. Being an ISO certified facility, we’re ready to build new partnerships into the 21st century.

All CNM TECH products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 and QS 9000 International and Automotive Standards of Quality for Manufacturers. Our press capabilities range from 60 – 1800 tons. Production operations are maintained 24 hours a day. Whether you need products that protect pipe ends, threaded fittings, tubings, electrical contacts, food packaging containers or require paint masks or dust covers, CNM TECH has a cost-effective solution.

CNM Tech’s product diversity supplies the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Packaging, Consumer, Medical, OEM and many aftermarket industries.

plastic injection mold
plastic injection mold

When you have a project that needs custom-molded parts it’s important to choose an experienced and reliable mold supplier. To work with a China plastic injection mold company the best solution for your project, China mold manufacturers offers the fast delivery, good quality, and competitive price, this is double about is anymore, but there is always the old issue, because you may meet some problem when you work with China companies, this does not mean that China does not make good quality products, this means you took the bad one, because you did not verify them if they are good or not, this is the long task to find a reliable supplier for your project.

We are one of the best plastic injection mold and molding companies in China, we cannot say we are the best, but we can 100% promise you that we will make you happy. If we told you we can make that for you, then we will make, otherwise, we will not promise,

You do not need to believe us or anyone else, contact us and verify some of our current customers and listen to what they say, easy step for you to verify.

What are you waiting for? Send us your requirement for quotation, we will quote you in 24 hours, You will enjoy our services.

Plastic Molding Products we can offer

  • Ultrasonic and Hot Plate Welding
  • Gas-Assisted Injection molding
  • 2K injection molding (two-shot injection molding)
  • overmolding, insert molding
  • Rapid prototype molding
  • Printing and Electroplating of Plastics
  • Post Moulding Assembly
  • OEM contract manufacturing
  • Part design, mold design, and mold manufacturing
  • Silicone molding products